Stretched Canvas
We often provide artists with custom stretchers, and are able to supply them at almost any specified size, both primed or unprimed canvas are available. We?ll also replace canvas on your existing stretcher or conversely stretch canvas that you have supplied.

Bulk Framing
If you?re preparing for an exhibition we can provide bulk framing for your work, we can process bulk framing relatively quickly given appropriate notice. We can also refit work into your existing framing if necessary.

If you?re having difficulty resolving a method of display or any other construction issues, our staff are creative problem solvers and enjoy thinking outside the box to come up with solutions.

Freight and Packaging
We have great working relationships with local and international freight and courier services. We can both pack and freight your work and frequently build custom crates for these purposes.

Trade Discount
Artists are important to us as trade partners and we provide them with an appropriate discount to reflect this.

Please ring us if you have any questions about our services, we?re usually happy to provide an approximate quote over the phone or via email or better yet come into our showroom and we can discuss your query in person.